"As a Club Director, Soccer Skills Unlimited has provided an opportunity for every team in every age group to participate in a competitive, organized and fun tournament, where every year parents & players rave about their experience. 


As a College coach it has allowed us to attend and recruit players from all over the state, and this year alone we have signed 4 players that we identified in the Soccer Skills Unlimited Showcase."


Men's Soccer Head Coach ASA College


"I'm Daniel Va, a Regional Ref in the State of Florida. I have been working with Jeff from Soccer Skills Unlimited ,and I can tell you from experience that Jeff brings the top referees from all over the country including Pro Refs to his events. Soccer Skills Unlimited is second to none when putting on an event."


Regional Referee


tony-exec director.jpg

"I have known Jeff Pinteralli for over 35 years now. Not only is he a great friend of mine, he is a better businessman when it comes to organizing and running a soccer tournament. I have watched him grow over the years and is the "go to guy" if you want an event run right and with exceptional attention to detail. He runs our Columbus RedStar Tournament for the past few years and does an exceptional job!"


Executive Director

Columbus Red Star